Sunday, September 19, 2010

Strange, But Fun

Hey readers! I'm here now to tell you about this superfluously good book i read (again and again and again . . .) called the Kingdom of Strange by Shula Klinger. True, it came out a couple years ago, but i just found it at the library. It starts out with Thisbe, a 9th grade girl whose passion for writing and tendency towards being different has drifted her apart from her uber-girly friends. After getting an English assignment called,"Audience", she contacts her project partner Iphis, who she communicates with by e-mail because they go to different schools. She discovers a kindred spirit in Iphis, who also has a passion for writing, and they become great friends, though they've never even met. Things start picking up at school, where Thisbe is friends with David, a boy in her English class, and at home, where her Granny Ed is staying with her. This is because her parents, who are academic authors, are in England.
Then one day, she discovers a shocking truth about Iphis. She doesn't know what to think but, not surprisingly, the two become friends again.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes writing, comedy, or has a dream worth pursuing. Thisbe, or Fiz, is a funny, relatable main character whose accounts of life are surprising and poetic. If you do end up reading it, you won't believe what Iphis's secret is. I say, Read It: you will not be disappointed.

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